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Spoken words are nothing more than a collection of sound vibrations, interpreted by the brain into meaningful bits of information. And yet, when used correctly, they can hold certain powers over the human mind that border along the magical.

Don’t Believe Me?

The next time you’re in public, look for the happiest guy you can find. Stop him, look him in the eye, and promptly tell him to f#@% off.

You’ve just altered the course of his entire day (maybe even the course of his life) – shaking him down to his core emotions and fears of inadequacy – by simply saying those two words.

It Works in Reverse, Too

I used to look at the term Thank You in a very similar light. I believed that the majority of its influence was on the recipient, who might feel pleased to know that somebody was grateful for their gift/contribution. But this Journey has taught me otherwise. It’s really the one who says thank you that receives the greatest benefit.

At one point, I remember sitting at a campsite, blissfully eating my lentil soup and drinking chamomile tea by a roaring fire. And I felt like a king. Not because I was living like one – I’ve been sleeping in a Toyota for crying out loud…over 99% of America lives better than I have been, yet many never get to feel the way that I did in that moment.

No, I felt like royalty because I’ve gotten into the habit of, whenever I feel bad about something, saying thank you for the little blessings that I usually overlook. Things like a warm meal, a fire, comfy clothes, tea, etc.

You and I could write an entire book, simply by listing the things that we have to be grateful for.

It’s just easy to forget them, unless you regularly resolve yourself to be mindful of everything you have.

The Magic Begins

For me, saying thank you puts me into a strange, peaceful state. I’ll simply start thinking of my blessings, and say “thank you” out loud for each one. Not to anyone or anything in particular, mind you – I’m simply thanking the universe I guess (if you’re religious, I’m certain that thanking your god will be equally as moving, if not more so).

Once I’ve spent a minute or two doing this, my mind begins to melt away. I stop thinking about the negatives and shortcomings of my life and this world. Even the random people who tell me to f#@% off completely vanish from my mind, and for that one moment, everything is perfect.

I call this looking at life from a seat of love.

When I’m in this state, things seem to turn out differently for me. I feel better, I make resolute decisions, I experience heightened creativity, and in these rare moments, I usually have a strong understanding of what it is that I truly want from this lifetime – which just so happens to be more love (not money, not power, not women, not fame).

This might not sound appealing to you. But it’s what I currently desire for my life:

To live in a state of love, absent of fear.

Saying thank you is proving to be the quickest way to get there.

Oh, What A Coincidence!

It just so happens to be Thanksgiving Day – you have the perfect excuse to give this a try! The next time you’re sad, angry, worried, etc., stop what you’re doing and start to say thank you for the teeny blessings that you never thought were worth being grateful for. And keep doing so, until you notice that what was originally bothering you vanishes from your mind.

Make a habit of this, and you just might get to witness the awesome, magical power of Thank You.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Carol D'Amico

    I am thankful too. I live probably better than 75% of other Americans but I say thank you to :My Lucky Stars, to Mother Nature , to The Universe, daily and I am happy for the most part and I don’t have the perfect job,husband, kids (sorry) or dog. I believe that all of these entities I am thankful for will keep me safe and happy and can be trusted with my life. (I am sorry Ben, I am being totally sarcastic). I love Thanksgiving because it is the only holiday we haven’t truly mucked up. How can you muck up Thankfulness? Unless of course you work for a retail place that opens at 6p.m. on Thanksgiving day because ‘God Forbid !” people can actually relax and enjoy the thing that matters most….the people in your life . Unfortunately we’ve become obsessed with toys, clothes and cheaper big screens, believing they will actually make a difference in our quest for happiness. I am mostly thankful that you showed up at our door (almost to the moment we were sitting down to eat) )It was the first time I really wanted to cry because I know that a truly personal God of “the universe”, “mother nature” but not the god of “luck” by any means, brought you back safe, fed and with many stories to tell ….because I asked Him to.
    It was also interesting to see you go through the house and saying things like,”Now that thing is really nice”.(Pointing to the dishwasher).

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