From the Darkness


I fell into a dark period during my first year out of college – one that I can only characterize by the word terror. Dazed and Confuzed I think that many recent grads are a bit traumatized by the sudden jolt that being handed a diploma can induce. But for me, it served as a […]

Happy Birthday!


There’s a kid out there who’s hoping to do something that’s infinitely more impressive than simply driving across the U.S. What he’s attempting to do is to get on a plane, travel to some distant continent (I don’t think he even cares which one) and simply go, learning about the world one footstep at a […]

Fear: Defined


I feel it necessary to pause for a moment to explain my definitions for the words fear and love – partly because you’ll be seeing them frequently in this blog and should understand what I actually mean by them, and partly because my original post for today is far more personal than I’m accustomed to […]

Why Am I Doing This Again?


Photomatt28 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Mindsets can change quickly. After a month or so of earning money and working on the RV4, I began to come up with little excuses as to why I couldn’t leave Pittsburgh just yet. I didn’t have enough gas money to make it to Denver and back, I hadn’t […]

The Transformation [Technical Details]

RV4 Closup

Televisions, microwaves, and internet. I think that we can all agree that getting away from luxuries such as these every now and then would do us nothing but good. There was one luxury, however, that I was not prepared to leave behind when I began really thinking about this trip – running water. It was […]

A Healthy Alternative to Suicide

Pittsburgh Graveyard

I can pinpoint the specific moment in which I decided to embark on this trip. I was walking Chookie (the family dog) through the graveyard that lies next door to my parents’ home in Pittsburgh. As I looked at the gravestones that night, I can remember experiencing a very powerful, yet simple, thought: “I will […]