Any post that’s marked TANGENT is simply that – a sidetrack which is entirely independent from the actual story line of my Journey.

In some of these I’ll jump forward to the present day to discuss what’s going on in my life as I’m writing. Or, sometimes I’ll simply make a note of an important observation/realization about life that I’ve uncovered.

Regardless, if you’re simply interested in my actual experiences as I drove across the country, then STORY MODE is the category you’re searching for.

Happy Birthday!


There’s a kid out there who’s hoping to do something that’s infinitely more impressive than simply driving across the U.S. What he’s attempting to do is to get on a plane, travel to some distant continent (I don’t think he even cares which one) and simply go, learning about the world one footstep at a […]



Flash Forward to the Present Day I’m changing in some big ways. While the photos above – the first taken back in March 2nd, 2014, and the second just a few days ago – relate the physical changes that I’ve been going through over the last two years, they can only hint at the many […]

Life in the RV4


In the weeks before embarking on my Journey of Fear, it became apparent to me that everybody has a different definition for the term necessities of life. What will you eat? Where will you sleep? How will you earn money? Who will you talk to when you’re lonely? What if a bear attacks? These questions, […]