What I’ve learned about fear along my journey, including which ones that I have deep down, where I believe they came from, and what I’ve learned to do to work through them.

The Consequence of Thought – Part Deux


…continued I’ve experienced a profound increase in the amount of happiness in my life, due to my active decision to change the way that I think. But that’s not the reason that I initially chose to do so – that was just a side-effect. No, my reason for changing my thought pattern was because the […]

The Consequence of Thought


I feel the necessity to be honest about something – to open up about a secondary goal that I’ve had for this trip, and one that I’ve been keeping a secret. I realize now that, if I hope to truly relate to you everything that I’ve discovered along my Journey of Fear, then I simply […]

From the Darkness


I fell into a dark period during my first year out of college – one that I can only characterize by the word terror. Dazed and Confuzed I think that many recent grads are a bit traumatized by the sudden jolt that being handed a diploma can induce. But for me, it served as a […]

Seven Fears I Face

Spooky Forest

You might be trying to figure out what exactly these fears are that I keep mentioning. Well, you’re in good company. Because so am I. A large portion of this trip is dedicated to pinpointing what fears I have hidden beneath the surface. And from what I’ve found, you usually can’t spot your fears until […]

Fire Protection


For the past four years, I’ve dated an amazing girl, though I use the term “dated” loosely. We met in college, and ever since then we’ve had some strange force pulling us towards one another. For those four years, she’s given me her all, throwing her own emotional safety to fate in attempt after attempt […]

Fear: Defined


I feel it necessary to pause for a moment to explain my definitions for the words fear and love – partly because you’ll be seeing them frequently in this blog and should understand what I actually mean by them, and partly because my original post for today is far more personal than I’m accustomed to […]